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  1. I emailed them about this. Just put "November 2019" in that section
  2. Right, but even then it says 164 for previous years and only 156 for this year. Maybe they are categorizing them differently this year?
  3. Why did Ottawa only have 156 acceptances/registrations last year? out of the 166 seats available
  4. It's not. Doing Right is NOT useful. You're right, best way to do well is practice because CASPer requires specific strategies, not so much knowledge of what is ethical and what is not. Problem solving is a huge aspect
  5. Does anybody know how to submit the supporting documents? There's no place on OMSAS for it..
  6. Could you provide an update when they do reply? I am curious about this myself!
  7. Yes It says so on their website. As long as you write the MCAT this summer/September, you're good. Even if score release is after October 1. They have to be in by Nov 1
  8. Not true. You indicate on OMSAS when your last test is. They won't use MCAT scores until after the November 1 deadline
  9. It's probably the latter. This upcoming cycle will probably see a greater number of invites for QC uni applicants due to the Gatineau campus as well. They state on the website that the number of applicants they interview (regardless of number who actually apply) is proportional to seats available - more seats available next year = more interviews.
  10. Sorry if it's been brought up before, but I was wondering if anybody used DATcrusher exclusively to study for the DAT? I am trying to keep costs as low as possible, and DATcrusher is by far the cheapest and most praised resource for the cDAT, however, I am not sure if using it alone will be useful. Can anybody chime in on this? Thank you!
  11. Organic chem 350 at athabasca has mandatory labs. That being said, no you, you don't necessarily need a lab if you have two other prerequisite courses that have labs (can be bio, chem, biochem etc..)
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