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  1. Just got accepted to calgary. Will likely be declining my offer to edmonton
  2. I got an offer this morning 9:35 this morning. I will likely be accepting the offer.
  3. Hi OP, Obviously a masters/PhD won't do anything for your raw gpa but it will help with the subjective academic merit portion (can't tell if u of A cares, u of c is 10% i believe of pre interview). Given your stats it is more than likely that you got an interview based on your rural designation but don't worry about that. You still got an interview with that and may get another interview based on that next year. So what I would suggest is make sure you absolutely rock your interview. Prepare like crazy and work on those skills. Obviously you can't guarantee you will get another interview
  4. For people that did get the email saying you were too low on the waitlist did your status change in UCAN??
  5. I think there was just one email sent out to many waitlisters saying the class is almost full and you are too low on the waitlist to reasonably hope to get into the class. And then others didn't get that email (including me) meaning that if you didn't you are in the top 10, 15, 30 ,50 or whatever number of people they wanted to keep waiting
  6. Seems like there is much more movement for Edmonton compared to Calgary. I wonder if that has to do with Calgary giving more additional offers (blog post last year indicated many more offers given then positions available.) Or people recognizing the value of the three year degree. (one less year rent, no need to look for summer jobs etc.)
  7. I would say there is still some movement to be had. I would wait honestly... I know for myself I am waiting for the opposite. Wanna switch? haha
  8. Thanks for posting. When is your deadline to respond?
  9. They have already sent out a number of waitlist offers ( I was one) Likely there will be lots of movement this coming up week. And after that will be very slow.
  10. I applied and was contacted Monday for verification
  11. Where did you get the 8 EC for OPP. It says above it was 7?
  12. So i thought @2019goals was being fairly rude. I thought it was an honest question.. But at every turn you reveal a lie. Dude it is an anonymous forum. In your regrets for interviews you wrote that you had a 516 MCAT... why would you write that there. And now you say it was a 510? I don't have any advice for you because I have no idea what are your actual qualifications are. I hope your are more honest on your applications then you are on here. All I can say is you should maybe work a bit more on your character before applying to medicine.
  13. I am surprised the EC is so harshly scored. Seems really low. Are all the EC scores whole numbers? Like just a simple "impressive or not" scale. If that's the case then the "difficult circumstances" essay could just be an additional point or not? Would love to know the in province numbers... ?
  14. Additionally it is all electronic... I guess they still need to figure out the weights of each station... but still
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