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  1. Hey! I applied to McGill Dent last cycle with a C+ in one of my electives (ya i know i should have pass/failed it) a while back in first year and was admitted! That one C+ really only lowered my cGPA by 0.01-0.02 (confirmed when I entered my all my grades into mcgill's excel sheet) because I had enough A's to offset it. It stings, but keep pushing forward! feel free to ask me questions if you need!
  2. dang... thanks for this info! It sucks how so few OMFS applicants get admitted per school/year. Do you have any info on how many applicants there were to uoft for the 4 year MSc? or in general to the canadian schools? I appreciate it!
  3. Just curious cause I've been thinking of going down this path too. UofT's OMFS program is considered as a 4 year M.Sc? how many people get accepted to UofT? Their website is quite general and doesn't have much.
  4. not me! mine doesn't have any initials, although last year mine was updated around the first week of december
  5. I didn't get any confirmation from any ontario schools yet?
  6. For those who got an interview, what will the online MMI look like? Could someone share some details, i'm genuinely very curious!
  7. do u have a section 3a/b? i didn't get anything yettt ahhh
  8. someone make an interview invite/rejection thread!
  9. tu as recu le courriel immediatement apres avoir soumis la demande et payer?
  10. est-ce qu'ils ont envoyé le numero de demande d'admissions dans un courriel? :/
  11. J'ai rempli le formulaire en ligne et tout payé hier soir, mais j'ai pas recu une email de confirmation ni le numero de matricule? Est-ce que c'est normale car j'ai besoin ce nombre pour s'inscrire au CASPer?
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