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  1. Sherbrooke ma donne une CRU globale de 36.5 avec un BSc en physiologie 3.78/4.0 et Bsc en psychologie 4.0/4.0 Est-ce qu'un 36.5 est haut ou bas? Je n'ai aucune idee
  2. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how many spots there are for each campus for the IP-university stream? Also do you think Ad com and the QC government will increase med student spots this year, similar to last years? Someone pls feed my neurotic mind LMAO
  3. ohh interesting! what do you mean as a tie breaker since you already have an offer??
  4. just out of curiosity, how far are people waitlisted? Are people waitlisted in the 70s,80s?
  5. does anyone have a waitlist number for outaouais or MTL? for IP? I just have a link with no ranking??
  6. I'm actually surprised they didn't increase the number of IP interviews and that they cut down OOP/INTL interviews. With zoom and everything I thought it might be easier to conduct MMIs, but i guess its the opposite.
  7. i can't remember either... i want to say yes? but i'm not entirely sure
  8. Does anyone know how many interviews are being conducted for IP and OOP? Anyone email them to find out? Just curious!
  9. out of curiosity how many interview time slots are there per day? I know theres a 7-10am, but what are the others?
  10. TIME STAMP: ~11:15am Result: Invite GPA: 4.0 ECs (CV): some research (no pubs), couple of hospital volunteering positions, exec positions on a couple of clubs, was a TEAM TA for a few classes etc. My CV is pretty generic tbh lol Year: final year of 2nd UG Feelings about Casper: A couple years ago I ranked around 200th/819 when mcgill gave out casper rankings. However this time around as its my 3rd application cycle, I felt that it was my best one yet. Applicant category: IP I'm very excited for this opportunity! This is my first ever med interview and my 3rd application
  11. Hey! I applied to McGill Dent last cycle with a C+ in one of my electives (ya i know i should have pass/failed it) a while back in first year and was admitted! That one C+ really only lowered my cGPA by 0.01-0.02 (confirmed when I entered my all my grades into mcgill's excel sheet) because I had enough A's to offset it. It stings, but keep pushing forward! feel free to ask me questions if you need!
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