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  1. not for everyone! they haven't looked at one of my transcripts yet
  2. I didn't get any confirmation from any ontario schools yet?
  3. For those who got an interview, what will the online MMI look like? Could someone share some details, i'm genuinely very curious!
  4. do u have a section 3a/b? i didn't get anything yettt ahhh
  5. someone make an interview invite/rejection thread!
  6. tu as recu le courriel immediatement apres avoir soumis la demande et payer?
  7. est-ce qu'ils ont envoyé le numero de demande d'admissions dans un courriel? :/
  8. J'ai rempli le formulaire en ligne et tout payé hier soir, mais j'ai pas recu une email de confirmation ni le numero de matricule? Est-ce que c'est normale car j'ai besoin ce nombre pour s'inscrire au CASPer?
  9. I wrote the casper test in august 2020 because I was applying to other schools/programs. I sent my score to mcgill med over a week ago and was wondering when i should expect it to be processed and received on minerva? Thanks
  10. since its optional, it sounds like they're not gonna use it for admissions this year. Maybe as a test to see how well it correlates with other things? Just my guess
  11. I can't seem to access it, because i did it in english, it says "snapshot completed". Did u do both english and french snapshots? edit: nvm i had to change the page to french and it popped up oops!
  12. Hi, I'm applying to the french stream so i'll be writing the french casper in a couple of weeks. Does anyone know if theres a french snapshot we have to do? or just in english? I applied to Dalhousie so I did the english casper + snapshot already Thanks!
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