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  1. wait so for UdeM, we don't have to submit the TFI before Nov 1st? we can do it anytime before we start classes? so like April 2022 for example?
  2. Hey! in the application summary in section 1, it still says incomplete items outstanding, despite uploading my transcript in section 2 and submitting everything ontime. is this the same for anyone else?
  3. wow i didn't hear about this! do you have a source? i'm curious if they'll increase spots for next cycle
  4. could you let me know what they say when you email them about it?
  5. The current cycle excludes winter 2020 grades so the 3.87 didn't include any online courses, but next cycle will include this current academic year where everything was online. We won't see the effects of online grade inflation till next cycle.
  6. does anyone know if you need first aid along with BCLS level C or just the CPR/AED?
  7. @ceelbe Did they say anything about the use of Pass/fail courses for this year?
  8. ohhhh ok, thank you!! I guess we'll wait and see.... its so stressful on our end when we have to make these kinds of decisions without knowing the guidelines LOL
  9. did they say what the consequences were of having more than one P/F in a semester?
  10. wait they're only allowing 1 P/F class per semester? shit... i have 2 this semester
  11. est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un qui etait accepted a DMD McGill et DMD UdeM, categorie Universitaire?
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