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  1. You guys are really great but let's stay away from doing catch phrases and poky comments. The idea is to analyze why not so bright students pass and why some of the other hard working students fail in the PCE clinical part. Because for me failing was very hurtful but more than that, watching average group mates pass the same exam was like 100 needles in my body + humiliation
  2. Hello to all! I have just failed the clinical part of the PCE in Alberta. Failing probably isn't that big a deal because failures are what makes us more wiser and stronger, but I really can't afford it the next time I attempt the exam because I am not that financially good. I had taken local exam prep courses privately which were funded by my family and also the PCE mock test from Uni of alberta and I literally remembered everything from O'Sulivan but nothing saved me from failing. Folks, what kills me the most is that the people who were in my study group who were not that great
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