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  1. Sex Seven papers investigated the effect of sex on MMI score. Four papers examined medical school admissions; two, nursing school admissions; and one, pharmacy admissions. Two papers identified a significant impact of sex on MMI score, while the other four did not. Leduc et al (2017) found that female students performed significantly better in MMI’s for three French-Canadian medical schools than their male counterparts, but only in the subgroup that spoke French at home (p=0.003). This implies a previously unexplored interaction between sex and language, which warrants further study.
  2. Funny how there is no freedom of speech anywhere! The guy can't even post his concerns without being called a troll!
  3. Results: TIME STAMP: Date interviewed: cGPA: MCAT: ECs: Essays: Year: Geography:
  4. I mean it was good enough for the other schools. What do you think the problem is?
  5. I don't understand their process, numerous colleagues of mine (myself included) have top 10 US medical schools and many Canadian Schools. (4 GPA, 520 MCAT, and numerous publications, thousands of hours of volunteering) and we did not get Queen's. I wonder why?
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