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  1. Sadly, the merch orders are done for this year. Maybe you could try contacting the school admins and see if they got any way of helping you as your partner is an alumni.
  2. Hi, Anyone know how many schulich scholarships are handed out for the incoming year? Thanks
  3. I was given till June 5th to send my deposit, so maybe then?
  4. Hey, So I will be attending Windsor this upcoming fall, and am really excited. I have been wondering about how Windsor grads compare to London grads when it comes to scores, and placements. Does anyone have an official source that compares the two, that they wouldn't mind sharing with me? Thanks!
  5. anyone have last year's weekly schedule for 1st years? I'd like to get a sense of what my week will look like. Thanks
  6. The waiting is killing me. I'm so scared of missing the call
  7. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I've always thought where you do your residence will impact this more than your undergrad, if at all.
  8. The Good: - Your GPA is amazing, and it is usually the hardest thing to correct if it was bad. Super competitive for all schools - You have very unique and exceptional academic and medical based achievements and experiences, which are always amazing to show interest in medicine. - Practicing for and re-writing the MCAT is the easiest part to redo of the medical application process. The improvement: - Talk about the human component of your experiences. Like when you were volunteering in the hospital and emergency, talk about the unique people moments you had. The difficult things
  9. anyone have any idea when they may start contacting waitlist this week?
  10. first? So they'll try to phone and if no answer hey email?
  11. Hey do you know what year that was and the circumstances around that year? I've read you said that Western changed stuff after that happened, cause they didn't like it happening?
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