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  1. Hi there! I'm looking to transfer my lease asap. Feel free to message me for contact information and I can share photos. The apartment is completely empty and ready for move in, on a quiet street. Located 10 minutes walking from McGill University in Milton Park and within 10 minutes walking of 2 different metro lines (green and orange). Studio apartment in a very secure building with 24h security. 15th floor with nice views. Cost: $901/month, the lease is until August 31st, 2021 (but could probably be negotiated with landlord). All utilities (hydro, water, heat) and bas
  2. Admission acknowledgement or application acknowledgement? - I got one for the application I think sometime in October
  3. Hey there! I had to do the Snapshot for Dal and I honestly don't think that they will be looking at your outfit vs what you are saying. It is pretty short - just three 2 minute videos so they really will only have time to listen to what you're saying. I honestly just wore a long sleeved shirt, not really business casual even but I felt comfortable and knew it looked like I didn't just throw something on. I did make sure my hair was brushed though lol. My approach to not over dressing was that if I felt comfortable, I would be more honest and open with my answers. But thats just my experi
  4. Just a thought, but I just had a heart attack after seeing that there were this many responses on this thread - maybe only post if you've received an invite/rejection?
  5. I have slightly higher GPA but lower MCAT, OOP and not a really strong connection to Maritimes and I havent heard anything yet. So I would just hold on to some hope! There might be something specific they are looking for (either in the application or connections essay) so we dont really know!!
  6. Yea, I ended up giving up around Wednesday last week and just purposefully going groceries or something during that time frame so I wouldn't be tempted to refresh my email. It is out of our control and will come when it comes. Just gotta make sure this doesnt interfere with continuing with our trajectory of being successful in other areas! (But fingers crossed it is today!)
  7. Any thing?? Any word? I'm starting to get so antsy I got an email at exactly 1pm EST and thought "yay it might be it"! It was just a junk email...
  8. Agreed! I love the sense of community that can be found here, compared to the feeling of competition between pre-med students. I find the neuroticism actually alleviates the feeling that I'm the only one who is obsessing a little bit, and gives me a little laugh So fingers crossed it is in the next 24 hours so that we can breathe a little easier over the weekend
  9. Yupp, another day of slightly frayed nerves. Love that for us. I'll be here every day this week
  10. I've literally already taken some antacids to calm my stomach
  11. What makes you think noon tomorrow??? (Aka. do I need to give myself a pep talk)
  12. I kid you not, I'm creeping this thread a ridiculous time every day because I'm NOT ready to know my fate LOL. Do y'all think COVID will push things back or will invites still be sent near the end-ish of Oct?
  13. I would say no - the practice snapshot questions were quite basic compared to the questions I received. I was so flustered that I think I rambled a bit and digressed way off topic. But it was so quick so it was over in no time and you don't really have a chance to think about what you could have answered until you are completely done
  14. I personally had been casually going through interview questions since the summer, just to start thinking about different ideas to talk about and so that it doesnt feel scripted. But specifically for Snapshot, I prepped for a few days by recording myself answering questions.
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