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  1. Yeah I 100% agree. I would def rather postpone it so we can experience it normally (the sad part is that I had a sliver of hope that things would clear up and we could do the normal ceremony as planned aha).
  2. This is exactly what I needed. That's it, I'm off to London!
  3. Ahaha I love this. I'm pretty sure we all want to be back in-person (with the proper precautions of course), so I'm glad Western feels the same!! O-week will be super tough to plan, but maybe this thread can generate some ideas! I'm looking for an excuse to move to London asap, so hopefully something is in-person ahah
  4. Hey, of course this info will be released soon enough but I kinda wanted to start a thread to amalgamate all the hearsay about whether/which classes will be online! (also O-week?!?!???) I currently have no idea. I heard that one course might be in-person and rest online, something like that?
  5. you need student number to pay deposit right. I just accepted offer, do I need to wait until student centre updates to get my student number?
  6. I got Hamilton!! I'm gunna pm you, need somebody to help with my decision aha
  7. How do you know Hamilton? I got accepted to Mac too! Also got accepted to Western and waiting for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.. very similar outcomes aha!
  8. At this point the only way they can keep their promise that formula will be released BEFORE decisions if the formula is literally written before the decision in the email on May 12th LOL
  9. Before the pandemic we were in agreeance that MMI correlates with physician competence. They have been operating on that belief forever. There is no MMI but it would be lazy if you didn't attempt to find that correlation else where (thats what they are asking other schools about I think).
  10. Yeah that’s what makes the lottery at all viable I guess. But we already selected the top 10% of applicants, why don’t we trust ourselves to do it one more time ya know?
  11. Personally I don’t agree with a lottery. I think as an institution you have a responsibility to select the most competent applicants. Society is trusting you will do so. If you’re doing a lottery you have overseen that responsibility. Why even have an admissions at that point right? A computer can run the most fair lottery edit: I agree it PROBABLY won’t affect much. But I wouldn’t be willing to bet on that uncertainty
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