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  1. Kingston doesn't have a GO bus or anything quite similar, a train ride to Peterborough for example would probably be about 4 hours or a 2.5 hour car drive. If you happened to be placed there it would probably be best to live there for the duration of the placement which unfortunately might mean double rent. As previously people have mentioned hopefully classmates may be able to help out with living or have connections outside of Kingston.
  2. This has been so helpful! I'm wondering if you could speak to London it's self as a city? Both the good and bad. Thanks in advance!
  3. Applied: All OT, U of A, Western, Queens, U of T & McMaster Accepted: U of A, Queens, Western, U of T (Mississauga) Waitlisted: McMasterRejected:GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa: U of A sGPA: 3.84, Orpas sGPA: 3.81 Orpas cGPA 3.55Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Received interview at Mac unsure of how it went. Lots of volunteer experience with children and older adults. Shadowed two different OTs, one of whom was a reference. Honours supervisor was the other reference.
  4. I just want to be prepared thank you! Did you bring a pen/ pencil or were they supplied ?
  5. For those who have done the Mac MMI, are the two written stations on a computer?
  6. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know the ORPAS has calculated the cGPA and sGPA from the transcripts sent in. You can find it underneath Document Tracking!
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