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  1. Exactly. It's just my opinion. No reason to care for it. Obviously there are kids who go for different reasons. My opinion is just based on my experiences and what I've seen.
  2. Hey guys whatever makes you sleep at night I guess. We'll just agree to disagree. And addressing the actual question, I believe it should be harder for any internationally trained dentist to specialize in Canada. Just since Canadian specialization seats should be resevered for Canadian educated dentists. Simply to maintain the integrity of the system. Canadian educated dentists are usually higher caliber students from the first day in undergrad relative to people who had to go to Australia. It only makes sense for our country to invest in our best and brightest. They earned it.
  3. @longteethgriffy most kids that go to Australia went there cuz they have low marks or just because their parents got money. Welcome to Western entitlement bud. If you can't get into a Canadian dental school you aren't meant to be a dentist imo. Unless you were severely impaired during undergrad, then I understand of course. Dentists I've spoken with believe people are being sold on a dream that may not be a reality in 10-20 years. People just want an easy way to a high paying job imo.
  4. Still it's better to give a business perspective since the overall value of the degree is decreasing and therefore the salary will too. The proportion of new Canadian dentists that are foreign trained will soon be higher than domestic trained. I believe dentistry is just an oversaturated business and alot of people don't care for the dentist anyways. The CDA/government hasn't invested much on med school or dental school seats and now we can just have immigrants and foreign trained Canadians fill those postions. Obviously more supply but is the demand for dentists increasing? I'd ar
  5. Honestly, I wouldn't even consider specialization until I went to dental school and decided. I'm guessing a combo between gpa, references, stellar soft skills and work ethic that faculty recognizes. But I'm sure there's some political aspect too lmao Might as well apply and just see what happens. Maybe youll get the seat.
  6. Dental school is a business. The barrier to getting into cheaper dental schools is being a better applicant. How are you a better applicant to a dental school (for dds or special) if you had to buy your degree? Just look at the money trail and it all makes sense. If you want to specialize then work a little harder, spend more time in UG, and get into a Canadian dental school. Then if you want to specialize just outcompete everyone else for the seat naturally. If you don't want to specialize and have money, just go to Australia, more money but save time. Plus you just gotta skate by i
  7. Try approaching the undergrad professors you’ve had in person. Emails are too easy and show a lack of effort imo. Explain your situation, and they should be glad to help. Most professors understand the difficulty of dental admission and will give valuable advice on these things.
  8. I think it just comes to supply and demand. There’s a high demand for admission and many students are qualified. So they add more hoops to jump through.
  9. Yes you can. We pay a lot of money for the test so we better be able to write on their overpriced test booklets. Ps. The quality of the test they print is complete crap and when I wrote it, the PAT section was super pixelated. Probably on purpose.
  10. I’m pretty sure you can order without registering, just email them. I bought a decent amount of soap from both the CDA and Dat soap carving website. However, beware neither are exactly the same as the one you get on test day. The test day ones are variable. They can be different colours (green purple blue etc.) and different textures (fine and grainy, soft and buttery, etc.) from the ones you can buy online. I’d recommend buying some from both so you’re skilled with diffferent textures. But remember, on test day the texture and colour will most likely be different from what the CDA
  11. I scored well on the soap carving. I used the Datsoapcarving website for video tutorials to learn how to carve. After that, I just made perfect soaps. Then I did it under the time condition. It’s also just another skill that needs to be learned through perfect practice.
  12. There really aren’t any ticks, it’s just a new skill and going to take some time to get a hang of it. I found PAT enjoyable to study for since it’s just practice relative to memorizing everything for bio lol. I’ve used crack the Dat for PAT practice and found those ones are significantly simpler than the ones on the real Dat. Use a different resource to study pat. PAT booster or Dat crusher (same thing) are the best imo. You can learn all of the strategies on how to solve the questions through those programs first. Then you can increase speed the good ol’ fashion way, through repetition.
  13. Which resources did you use and how much did you study? And are you naturally good at visualizing things in your head? Its cool you got such high scores congrats.
  14. You guys talk so much about steins gate it’s so cute how much you envy him. I know you guys aren't comedians but come on the jokes getting old, leave him alone! And I mean older than when you geniuses got into dental school. Jk relax @cleanup @#YOLO
  15. I believe it’s entirely possible. I know a guy who was a dentist in India and wanted to practice in Canada. He was able to successfully complete all steps of the equivalency process on his first attempt. Now he works as a dentist and on the side he helps/tutors other dentist to complete the equivalency process. It’s entirely possible as long as you have the time and are willing to put in the effort.
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