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  1. I applied to the MPH: Social and Behavioural Health Sciences program for Fall 2019. The website says decisions will be given in March. However, Last year's cohort received their decisions mid-April. I was wondering if anyone who has aplied to any of the MPH programs at Dalla Lana for 2019 or in past years know when 2019's decisions will be snet out. Or if you would like to share when you heard back from them in previous years, that would be extremely helpful as well. If you received a rejection, then please share some statistics of why you think you may have been rejected so it
  2. On one of previous years' forums, someone said they got their email on Feb 11. I don't recall if that was a waitlist email though.
  3. For rejections they just say you didn't get an interview. They don't give you details on why your were rejected. it's almost 4:30 and haven't received an email yet so I guess we'll try our luck again tomorrow.
  4. Same. "Early February." Yet from checking all the posts dating back to 2015, it has always been different dates in February. That's why it's more stressful not knowing a specific date.
  5. Has anyone received interview invites or rejects yet? Anyone know when those will be sent out? This week or next?
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