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  1. I think a larger concern might be the Canadians who decided to study in the Caribbean or other international schools who may have been targeting US schools for the match.
  2. Well, one of the benefits of pursuing medical education in the United States are the great variety of options with respect to schools and the types of candidates they accept. Many schools in particular will reward upward trends and will appreciate the rigours of the engineering program you were in. Please do remember that unlike Canada, medical schools in the United States can often be expensive, and have a lengthy list of prerequisite courses that need to be completed. One of the challenges is deciding whether you want to apply MD/DO, which are both valid ways of becoming a practising
  3. Unfortunately living in Canada makes me OOS for the schools I am applying to.
  4. I'm a dual citizen by birth (Canada and USA if you were wondering), and having shadowed a physician in the United States, it was pretty clear that different values are held not only by the physicians, but the general population about healthcare. Surprisingly there were no expectations that healthcare should be universal or free by either party. I would argue the med students/physicians who did not talk about insurance with their patients were inadvertently racking up the bill without knowing whether or not they could pay, but I guess that's par for the course there. The physician I s
  5. Maybe if you had asked me if I was younger, I would say medicine as a career and financial reward would have pushed it into first place. However, I guess I've learned that money doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of pursuing happiness, and to me debt and thinking about debt seems like a source of stress. If only American education was more affordable, haha. Not to mention the near necessity of spending 7+ years in the States, where universal healthcare is still a controversial topic. I just wonder if I will have any regrets about a career as a pharmacist in 15-20 years.
  6. This year will be my third time applying for medical school in Canada, and should it all go well neither of these options will go any further. Unfortunately I'm growing restless, so I am trying to at least ensure I have some sort of direction in my life, hopefully by next September. So in that spirit I have also applied to American medical schools, and am strongly considering applying to several Canadian pharmacy schools. The former will require my family to move to the United States, not to mention the likely egregious medical school tuition that I will have to pay, while the latt
  7. I don't fully agree with your assessment @adhominem. DO schools in the United States are generating more graduates than ever, and with that being the case I certainly don't think OMT is going anywhere anytime soon. I also think you may be generalizing OMT a little bit too much. There is some evidence to show it is as effective as medications, physiotherapy or exercise in relieving some types of back pain. It certainly isn't a cure all, but it absolutely is a tool that shows some efficacy under specific circumstances and overwhelmingly low risk. To the OP: Just do an internet search f
  8. Lots of dollar bills. The exchange rate is brutal.
  9. This thread is going out to current international students who are attempting to come back to Canada and having difficulties. If you are interested please look into MOTP surge in Canadian Armed Forces, it may give you an opportunity to come back home after all! Criteria: be a Canadian citizen; have obtained your medical degree. Please note that anyone who has obtained their medical education from a non-Canadian university is required to have their education evaluated to a Canadian standard; have participated in the match process of the CaRMS in 2019; and pass the scre
  10. As far as I'm aware as long as you're a US citizen, you would be considered as an OOS applicant. I'm in the same boat as you citizenship-wise, and am applying to US schools this cycle after being waitlisted this year (just in case things don't pan out). Keep in mind you will also be eligible for US Federal Loans to fund your studies if you do get accepted in the United States. Problem with Ireland or other international locations would be the fact that you may have struggles getting US/Can residency.
  11. Heres to hoping lots of accepted NS students get into Ontario schools tomorrow! (and hopefully decide to go there!)
  12. I think it has to do with the fact there are no true english speaking Podiatry schools in Canada (as far as I'm aware), and most Anglo-Canadians would choose to go to a US Podiatry school, where another online forum may be more appropriate.
  13. Continue working, and apply again. How's everyone holding up in purgatory?
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