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  1. If any of you guys are interested in talking to some first year UofA DDS students and getting some advice, PM me!
  2. UBC from my experience has been pretty chill about your Casper being done later than the application deadline
  3. Thanks so much for your responses!! I just visited the UofT campus again over the weekend again and the old facilities may actually be a dealbreaker for me.. I unfortunately just can't imagine myself excited to be in those grungy halls every morning. I know I am getting way ahead of myself, but do you guys think going to UofT will give an edge if I am looking to specialize/get into policy (i.e. get an MPH, work with the CDA or the gov somehow)?
  4. Yeah the U of A is definitely a great school but I grew up in Edmonton and just wanna experience something different!
  5. Hi all, I know there has been some threads comparing Toronto vs Western but none comparing UofT vs UofA (there doesn't seem to be much talk about the UofA here in general.) Aside from cost of tuition and living, can anyone talk about how the quality of education and future job prospects compare between the two? I know that the facility at UofT is really old vs UofA who just had major renos and have state-of-the-art tech. But the larger class size at Toronto is actually more appealing to me (just cuz I like having a bigger pool of people to connect with) and I would want to work out
  6. Judging from previous years, the first round of acceptances for UofA came out around March 17/18 so I think it'll be a few days still
  7. Does anyone know if UBC has a separate waitlist for IP and OOP or if it is combined?
  8. Congrats!! When did they ask you to submit your initial deposit by? Just trying to gage when the waitlist will start moving.
  9. Are you IP or OOP? Does anyone know if the waitlists are separate?
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