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  1. Not too sure how descriptive you would like, but my GPA was different for each school. However, my OMSAS GPA was a 3.89, but for U of T my GPA was 3.98. My U of C GPA was 3.95. My UBC percentage was 90%. MCAT was 515. My ECs were playing soccer (recreationally), coaching soccer (4 years), refereeing soccer (5 years), volunteering in a hospital, involved in one club on campus, and others. If you would like a more detailed breakdown, let me know. A lot of long-term commitment (2+ years) with progression (e.g. moved in my student club from a junior to senior member). I would say my ECs
  2. Heyooo, I am extremely fortunate and blessed to have been accepted to medical school this year and wanted to pay it forward. I am not making this post to brag or gloat about myself, but I want to give back to the students who are in the middle of applying. I received a lot of support and read a lot of threads on this forum so I want to help as much as I can. I have read of people making similar posts on another forum-based platform so I wanted to test this out on premed forums! My (academic?) background: - completed my biology undergrad in western canada this year (lived with fa
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