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  1. Good luck to everyone tomorrow. I definitely checked at 12 last year randomly and received a nice surprise. Remember to enjoy the day and your summer, you literally only get accepted to med school once! (not entirely true but you know what I mean)
  2. The wgpa for ottawa only looks at the 3 most recent years using the same weightings you just described, no inclusion of any year x4. GPA year 2 x1, year 3 x2, year 4 x3 is how it would be if 4 years have been completed by time of application. (also not a big deal but averaging comes after summing all years, to avg after multiplying each year would result in the same original number without weighting)
  3. western, queens, ottawa, uft, dal, ubc and more? im pretty sure none of these schools will even look at your first year gpa with weightings applied. you're perfectly fine, if anything, your weighted gpa is high
  4. Yes I meant my statement was irrelevant to the thread. And I haven't actually heard of anyone complaining about being paid as a doctor or anyone with the misconception that they would be making millions if they went into engineering or finance, I'm sure if those people you're talking about did a simple google search, they'd find reality. As well, I'm not sure what your point is about being tied to the market or not? A free market is one in which there are no artificial restrictions placed and supply and demand will balance all things out as they should be (Thanos, 2019). If supply and demand i
  5. Irrelevant to the thread but this is comparing apples and oranges. Market is based on supply and demand.
  6. I had a similar cgpa and then pulled off 3.99 in my last 2 yrs, so it can be done. I'd say you should be focusing on the gpa to make sure you can do it, then once you pull off your first yr of good gpa and feel confident in your skills to do it again, you can start thinking about what comes after. Gpa is most important because once you have a solid gpa, its just a matter of time for building everything else, but without the gpa, the ship will never leave the harbor.
  7. i had emailed admissions and they said, yes all the transcript needs to show is that the degree has been conferred via OMSAS.
  8. Apparently, OMSAS responded to someone and said that reference letters are still required for the corresponding schools, its just the process will be simplified for the referees, whatever that means.
  9. Bad waitlist is just their nice way of saying rejected
  10. A nice thought, but if they said the processes are independent, I wonder. We can hope anyways though
  11. I received 2k range as well with similar parental income to you. Interesting stuff
  12. I received the admission bursary email yesterday, like ysera, with similar family income.
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