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  1. This was a major problem for me as well. Some institutions have classes that they’ve evaluated in the past for transfer credit (UofR, UofS, etc) as well some provinces have a transfer evaluation (bctransferguide) but sometimes you can’t tell beyond comparing the two course outlines. As a general rule of thumb almost all institutions require you to take labs with science courses (excluding biochem, anatomy, etc). If none of the above works for you then the best thing you can do is apply and get an evaluation. Hella understand the frustration though. I applied to UofS this year with
  2. Just came out. Invite/Stats: IP GPA: 80-81% AA: 23 PAT: 21 ECs: Engineering background.
  3. That's still an incredible overall score! You crushed it.
  4. Extremely ecstatic with my scores. It's been nothing but stress the past week and a half: RC: 23 Bio: 20 Chem: 26 AA: 23 PAT: 21 MDT: 20
  5. My score estimates are super conservative because I don't want to disappoint myself when the real scores come out (lol), I'm just trying to keep my expectations low and my hopes high. They're also low because of how the exam is graded, and from what I've gathered from people's posts online it doesn't seem like anyone found the exam extremely challenging except for the RC.Though the people who are posting on these forums and otherwise are probably some of the outliers, both good and bad. I think it's worth noting that the grade you receive is not a raw score per se but instead a score rela
  6. MDT: Soap was quite a bit different to the blue ones that I ordered several months before the DAT but I kind of expected that. The soap felt almost "tacky" and sticky. Overall the carving was fine despite some slight measurement errors on the "complex" end. Make sure you review the 5 different carvings the CDA posts online. Guess score: 16-17. SNS: I felt Chem was going to be my strongest section, and I'd like to think it was, overall very straightforward. Using Chad's Videos made this section a cake walk. Bio was a bit trickier but again, nothing that was unfair with the questions. Over
  7. I called the regular admissions office and they told me they don't have that information and when I asked for the number to the dental admissions they said they can't give it out. I did manage to find Jody Dewbury's (Lead Admissions Officer) number and called her twice but she hasn't answered yet. Edit: UofT's SCS 2472 is the only online Biochemistry course that UofM will accept.
  8. I ended up emailing them almost three weeks ago and have yet to receive anything back.
  9. Does anyone know if UofManitoba takes online Biochemstry courses as satisfying their prereqs. Specifically: UofT SCS 2472 TRU-OL BIOL 3131 & 3231
  10. Hey there, I'm looking to speak to people who applied to the above schools as aboriginal applicants and what sort of GPA's they had. Thanks!
  11. Just curious if people have been admitted to dental schools in Canada with low GPA's (80-83%) and done well on the DAT to compensate. If anyone has examples they can share that would be great. Thanks!
  12. Hey there, I'm looking to speak to someone who has applied and been accepted to the UBC DMD program. I'm curious as to how the process actually occurs. I spoke with someone who works at the admissions office but it didn't sound like there was any incentive to applying as a first nations applicant. All the initial invitations occur solely based upon GPA/DAT/Casper/Etc (which makes sense), as well as having to write an additional essay and sit through another panel. Any information whatsoever will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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