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  1. In theory it does seem better to live downtown now. You are only 15-20 minutes away from Freedom/Tall Oak so I don't think you'd be missing out on any social experiences. Just commute over if there is an event going on. One thing to consider is that the hybrid curriculum is only confirmed for the fall semester. By the winter semester there could be way more classes in person; thus, you''ll have to commute a lot more.
  2. Ahh okay, that makes sense! At Ottawa we have a white ceremony that's why I asked.
  3. Are you talking about the white coat that we get at the white coat ceremony? Also, good call on the ipad! I definitely think I'm going to purchase one as well.
  4. I heard a rumour that Queens is currently talking with public health to see if they can do CBL groups of 4 people starting September (same stimulated patient for the entire year).
  5. I haven't! I also haven't reached out to confirm anything yet. Chantal said she would be starting registration mid-June so we should be hearing back shortly.
  6. They said to do the interim so I would do that! I'm pretty sure completing the online portion of blended will not give you a temporary certificate to submit
  7. This is part of semester 1! So at U of T we have a month of introduction we're we talk about social issues, clinical framework, etc then at the end of September we start MSK which goes until the second week of December. This is fairly normal and how the schedule continues in cardioresp and neuro as well. Neuro we never got to experience as we were online for it. But, the same standard applies where we have classes from 9am to 3pm ish. Just a note the Tuesday schedule is Anatomy Dissection Lab from 9-11:30am then lunch until 1pm and then that lab would go from 1 pm to 3 pm with the option of st
  8. U of T emphasizes understanding material and applying it. In undergrad I would have to memorize small details like the entire Kreb cycle but our exams are not structured that way at all. They focus on having a good clinical understanding. I have heard that some PT schools in Ontario still focus on memorization of small details which is absolutely useless in my opinion cause you forget it after like 1 month of writing the final. For example, for our MSK final I studied individually a lot (typically sitting in library) and spent more hours studying (I was trying to study as I did in undergrad).
  9. I feel like the instructor sets the price so that accounts for the variability. I am not sure if it matters but I am going to do part 1 at an Ottawa location just in case it has to be at the same location.
  10. Yes, you get a certificate that is valid under September 30th, 2020.
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