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  1. Dont usually post here but curious to feel out everyones thoughts on Macs decision going forward
  2. I believe last year or the year before there was some waitlist offers on the tuesday (1 year ago yesterday) , then there was no movement on the wednesday, and then another wave on the thursday. So it is possible no movement happens until tomorrow.
  3. Anyone know the title of the waitlist offer email and what email address it comes from?
  4. Does anyone know how many people are in this years facebook group? Maybe that will give some insight into how many people have accepted?
  5. did people start getting off the waitlist right away last year?
  6. anyone know the numbers for OOP offers? How many initially? How many taken off waitlist usually?
  7. @William Osler could it be 3 hours for omsas to update just one school (mac)?
  8. I dont understand, why would calgary waste their time contacting verifiers of people being rejected?
  9. @pureblue not sure how to reply to your comment but below are my stats: GPA: 3.75ish CARS: 129 I would be very cautious to believe the button=offer. With my low GPA and no chance to boost stats through interview, my casper would have to be insanely high to get me accepted.
  10. Data point: Only interview at mac. I do have the button.
  11. I would also love to join some online prep group! PM me if there is one! Congratz everyone
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