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  1. We were told to get Littmann Cardiology IV last year but there was no group buy. In a normal year, the MSA organizes a stethoscope order for the incoming class and the stethoscopes are delivered to campus for pick up.
  2. You will find out about scholarships and bursaries after you have been offered admission and accepted it. Speaking from personal experience, there are plenty of scholarships and bursaries available and mine covered tuition costs almost entirely. That being said, many of these awards are merit-based and they may also depend on your financial need, so they are by no means guaranteed to everyone. Here's a list of scholarships you may be interested in.
  3. I also liked Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction with Dr Sanjay Gupta, and 2 Docs Talk
  4. Solving Healthcare with Dr Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, an Ottawa-based physician
  5. students will be vaccinated during phase 2, so April at the earliest but I wouldn't be surprised if there is a delay
  6. UME does not disclose this information unfortunately
  7. UME does not disclose this information. Overall, ~528 applicants are interviewed, and I am guessing there are ~2000 applications total.
  8. in my humble opinion, the Irish schools cost as much as some of the American ones. And you will have a much easier time matching as an American MD rather than an Irish IMG. Both your GPA and the MCAT look great for some schools. Check out MSAR for specific stats and apply early (June/July) if you decide to go down that route.
  9. ECs can save you but they will need to be pretty outstanding and unique
  10. School: UAlberta Year (1 or 2): 1 Everything is online this semester and there is no shadowing allowed.
  11. all verifiers will be contacted regardless of "better chances"
  12. last year it was October 1st for ongoing activities
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