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  1. School: UAlberta Year (1 or 2): 1 Everything is online this semester and there is no shadowing allowed.
  2. all verifiers will be contacted regardless of "better chances"
  3. has it been/will it be published in a peer-reviewed journal?
  4. I mean I am sure that are people who did this your way and got in as well so my way is by no means the only good one. I would say the actual roles you've held are far more important than these minute details as to how you describe them. What are your leadership roles?
  5. you don't have enough space to describe how the activity impacted you. I literally just wrote down what I did for that specific activity.
  6. I can only speak for UAlberta as I've just started it. We have a pass/fail curriculum so I think that definitely takes the edge off. Also it has been stated to us quite a few times during the orientation week that the program is no longer meant to stratify us as premed programs do, so again I am expecting far less competitiveness and quite a bit more collegiality than in undergrad. Cannot speak for any other schools but would be interested in hearing what they're like.
  7. Everything you put into the application is taken into account. Absolutely speak about formative experiences and their relations to medicine.
  8. Fellow 2024s, I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has decided to relocate to Edmonton despite the online curriculum. Although the official orientation events will be all virtual, nothing's stopping us from getting together in an unofficial capacity (while following the appropriate COVID guidelines). So if you're in YEG and are not opposed to the idea of meeting in person sometime during the orientation week, shoot me a message or leave a comment below. I look forward to meeting however many of us
  9. Our 2020 AMA application states the following: "Please note, the AMA membership fee automatically includes CMA membership at no additional cost to you. While we strongly recommend maintaining membership in both Associations, CMA membership is voluntary."
  10. at uAlberta we sign up for AMA (Alberta Medical Association) and CMA simultaneously. The membership year runs from October to September, and the university will be collecting membership dues on AMA/CMA's behalf beginning October 1st. I am guessing you have a similar thing set up wherever you're at, so just hang tight, you will be notified by email closer to October.
  11. probably a French-speaking program or Ottawa (which a has an English and a French stream but neither requires MCAT)
  12. I came here at the age of 13 but had no prior English exposure so it wasn't until Grade 11 that I transitioned into a regular language class. DM me for specific tips on CARS
  13. Cannot find any studies on this either but I should tell you that in the group of people I practiced MMIs with (there were about 20 of us) in Calgary, the vast majority were first-generation immigrants who were born outside of Canada; quite a few had an accent as well. I don't know exactly how many of us got in in the end but it was at least half. For me personally, my ESL status has definitely held me back in CARS and I had to retake the MCAT solely because of it. It was still doable though and I scored 128 in the end.
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