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  1. You'll find a lot of premeds in Biomedical science and health science at uOttawa. The health science program tends to have more group projects and essays while biomedical science has more 3hr labs and difficult prerequisite science courses. My advice is that whatever undergrad program you choose, prioritize your GPA. I wouldn't pursue a nursing program just to get clinical experience. If you have no plans to become a nurse then don't go into the nursing program. Medical school will provide plenty of clinical experience for you.
  2. If you're interested in job prospects, the uottawa biomedical science program has a coop program that begins in your 3rd year. Your cGPA in the first 2 years needs to be above 8.0/10 to be eligible. My friend got offered a job at health Canada right out of a 5 year COOP position.
  3. Having a lot of hours is good. But I think you’re missing the point. Other applicants will also be on a number of committees and also have a lot of volunteering hours. So what makes you special and unique compared to the thousands of other applicants? Why would the admission committee choose your application? These are all questions you need to reflect on. Your accomplishments on those committees/clubs, the awards you’ve won and the issues that you’ve advocated for are more meaningful than simply joining more committees or adding more hours without a goal.
  4. It’s totally possible. Make sure to talk to your supervisor about it and get their blessing. Medical schools is hard to get into and you deserve to take every chance to apply and get in. One of my good medical school friends only completed 1 year of a 2 year research masters.
  5. You’ll get an email with a new student number, UOttawa email and password for uozone in July.
  6. I would clarify with Chantal. Last year the only option was to send your admission response via special delivery mail but given the covid-19 pandemic they seem to also be accepting it through email.
  7. We're still planning O-Week at UOttawa. To date there has been no official cancelation or postponement. The decision to cancel will be reviewed at a later date in June or July.
  8. Don't let the fact that you're in 3rd year stop you from applying! I actually know a couple of people who actually just applied to one school out of 3rd year and now they're in med school.
  9. The english stream at Ottawa medical school does not require the mcat but has a wGPA cut-off of 3.85 (excellence of marks) for IP applicants. I would suggest doing another year or two to raise your wGPA before applying. Good luck!
  10. For those with an interview on march 1st, Has anyone gotten their confirmation email?
  11. Has anyone with an interview to UOttawa received the interview package yet?
  12. FYI I just messaged this person. I don't believe he intended to be misleading but something he didn't include in the above post is that he offers his advice and feedback for $ 75/h.
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