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  1. Sorry, i'm french so it might not be the good way to say it. I was the founder and owner of private nutrition clinics (with employees and registered dietitians working on the team).
  2. TIME STAMP: 10:45 am Result: Reject (first year applying) cGPA: 3.96 MCAT: not submited ECs: Founder of 6 health clinics, founder of a professionnel association, two publications including a book, sports (including ironman 70.3, duathlon, etc), many projets with lots of responsabilities and leadership, >10 years of experience in healthcare as a registered dietitian... Year: 2nd year of a 2nd undergrad (first one in dietetics) Casper: I felt really confident about my answers. IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: Yes
  3. Is is still January 24th on the website https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/key-dates
  4. Maybe with the official transcript? It comes in January for courses in december.
  5. Statut de résident du QC VERIFIED GL and Yes "READY FOR REVIEW"
  6. I think McGill is non-trad friendly (but i don't know for OOP...), even if you compete with all the University applicants (until last year, they had a non trad category but this year they abolished that). I'm also an older (french) applicant, applying on the basis of a second degree. On my first degree, i had a 3,3 GPA (worked 35h per week, never tought about going back to school after...). For my second degree, i have 3,9/4 GPA, which will be the only one considered for the application since this one is better than the older one. I will know on friday if i get a spot for the interview. GPA w
  7. good luck ! i have white hair since 8 years now... but it has nothing to do with MDCM because it's my first year applying!
  8. Less than 10 days for the answer !! Are you excited ?
  9. First time applying to McGill ! Hope i'll get a chance to have an invitation to the MEM on the basis of a second degree!
  10. Quelqu’un a une idée de ce qui est présentement en révision pour les Non-Trad? https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/categories/roq/ntp
  11. Pas de problème Études temps partiel, cours de sciences + 8ans, etc. Il y a différents critères, qui sont en révision en ce moment.
  12. Salut Lily, Pour le profil non-traditionnel, les cours de sciences ne compte pas, c'Est 100% l'entrevue (quoi qu'en ce moment cette section du site est en mise à jour). Mais pour avoir accès à l'entrevue, il faut tout de même une forte cote. Où as-tu vu que le Cegep comptait toujours pour McGill? Quand je suis allée les rencontrer, comme j'avais beaucoup de crédits universitaires (115 + 30 à date), ça ne comptait plus.
  13. Ma cote en psycho est assez élevée (3,9) , c'est pour nutrition que c'était plus bas. Ça me donne un bon indicateur. Merci!
  14. Est-ce que les cours en crimino se font bien? Plus difficiles que psycho, ou similaire?
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