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  1. If you were accepted join the mun med 2022 and 2023 fb page.
  2. Status: Accepted (IP) on 4th try Timestamp: 11:04 GPA: 3.5 undergrad, 4.0 grad with publications MCAT: 510 To those who were rejected, keep trying. Your time will come!
  3. In a few weeks acceptances will be out. Is anyone else as nervous as I am?
  4. I asked one of my references and he said he has never been contacted before in many years of writing references. However, he did say that he had heard of it before when admissions were unclear about something. I wouldn’t worry about it!
  5. I have never heard of them doing it before. I would assume that they would only do that if there was something they wanted to clarify.
  6. Does anyone know the date of admission annoucements this year?
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