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  1. I thought the deadline to accept was midnight last night, maybe I’m mistaken
  2. Do we think it’s going to move at all later this week or was this it?
  3. I keep refreshing my email only to be disappointed haha
  4. Maybe they all disappeared? It was there when I checked a few days ago.
  5. I’m curious to know too - does anyone still have it? Seems odd it would disappear days later but thinking it’s probably meaningless.
  6. Hey folks - totally random but checked omsas today and my “reset responses” button has disappeared. It had appeared on May 11th at midnight, but it’s no longer there. Anyone else have this issue, and does it mean anything? I’m waitlisted for reference
  7. Interested in swapping CASPER prep (notes, etc.) and possibly reviewing various scenarios for practise. PM if interested
  8. I feel similarly. Have not heard of a single person getting off the waitlist thus far.
  9. Anyone successfully get off the McMaster interview waitlist for this year's cycle?
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