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  1. thanks for letting me know! and can i ask what you did during your gap year? i just finished undergrad and i'm not sure what to do next (probably will try to get some more work and volunteer experience? also thinking about studying for the dat)
  2. thanks, they did help! i see my status is still pending though
  3. do most successful applicants to dental school have dentistry related extracurriculars?
  4. thanks for your reply! it's so weird, i can sign into my mcmaster application which says it's submitted and i have activated my mac ID but i have tried like 25 times probably to log into mosaic and it is still not working for me so i might contact IT services tomorrow morning
  5. is anyone having trouble signing into mosaic? i didnt get an email yet and i can't see the status on my account haha. instead tells me that mac ID or password is invalid
  6. so the button is only showing for people with mcmaster interview invites but not from other omsas schools?
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