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  1. Hi! For current or graduated physiotherapy students, how did you feel about the written PCE? I wrote the exam last Monday and don't feel positive about it at all, wondering if anyone feels the same way?
  2. Hey! I got the same "invited" notification on Acorn last year and was offered an acceptance so you can start celebrating ahaha
  3. yes, I can confirm based on my experience last year. My acorn status changed to registered about a week before ORPAS officially released acceptances/rejections
  4. Hello For those of you accepting U of T PT, I am a little confused about how we make the $250 deposit.. do we attach the form they sent us in the mail to a cheque and mail it to the address provided?
  5. Accepted U of T on ORPAS so the McMaster and Queens PT waitlists should move a bit! Good luck everyone
  6. Accepted to U of T PT, McMaster PT and Queens PT!!! So excited right now!!
  7. Accepted to U of T PT, Queens PT and McMaster PT!!!!!!! Will be accepting U of T (according to ORPAS)
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