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  1. Hello, I provisionallyaccepted my offer right now. And I heard it will be automatically charged to firm June 7th (I asked SAM). I'm not sure about the deposit.. I did not hear anything about deposit tho. Did they email you to pay?
  2. I read all in here and I also saw that too! Someone from the waitlist did get accepted last year! I really hope that this year will be more movement !!
  3. I read in this forums that no movement 2 years ago. And someone said uoft usually sent the acceptances for more than the class size, so even some people declined their offer, the waitlist may not move.
  4. Yeah the email said do not ask the position. It's my first choice too.. Hopefully!!
  5. Hi everyone! I would make this thread for us to see if there is any movement on the list! I know that u of t wailist does not move alot, but lets hope!
  6. Accepted in Queen PT in ORPAS (no email) .. i was checking last night until 12:30am and was nothing there. I almost give up and now see my offer in ORPAS!
  7. Thank you for the information! I'm OOP. Really not sure how much chance we have.... I guess it depends on how many people in the waitlist but we do not know that
  8. That would be great! Are you Oop? I heard they have 2 separate waitlist? Not 100% sure tho.
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