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  1. Do they tell you that you got the scholarship alongwith sending your acceptance letter? Or is that something they do only AFTER you accept admission?
  2. Hi Everyone, This question is mainly for physio students currently studying at Western. How are you finding the program in regards to teaching techniques and classroom environment? Do you feel like you have a wide variety of placement opportunities in a wide range of settings? I have heard that Western helps students placed outside of London by giving them $600 per placement. Is this true? Are there other opportunities for scholarships etc. I have seen quite a bit on the website but would like to hear others personal experiences as well. Also, how is the living situatio
  3. This question is for all current physio students- I have applied to quite a few physio programs this year and wanted to know how possible it is to qualify for a scholarship set aside for PT students? I have gone through a couple of websites and the number of scholarships available is pretty good when looking at the class-size. But I feel like current students would have a better idea of what it actually looks like. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks
  4. Hi All, I was looking into Queen's PT program and saw that their accreditation status is probationary. Can anyone clarify what this means and how it will affect newly admitted students this year? Also, I'd love to hear what your experience at Queen's was like. What is their teaching method like? How's the faculty and housing? What about placements- do you feel you gained a wide variety of experiences or was it mostly in a clinical setting? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!!
  5. Thanks for sharing! I actually got accepted! I really loved the campus, everyone was so friendly and it's a beautiful place. In terms of housing etc, would you be able to describe what it's like? Are there any specific website one can use? Also, how/ when can you apply for scholarships for the PT program? Once again, your answer was super helpful! Especially about the placements
  6. Thanks so much for sharing this information. I will definitely research more about Dr. Magee. From what I have read, I feel that U of A has influenced the way PT is taught in a lot of universities, so what you have mentioned makes a lot of sense. Have you studied at U of A?
  7. Hi ! I have applied to the University of Alberta for Physiotherapy and wanted to know what your experience was like? What did you love/hate? Anything memorable? I look forward to hearing from you all!
  8. Hi Everyone, As the MMI comes nearer I was wondering if people who have given it in the past or who are planning to give it can share what their experience was like and what kind of mindset helped them to approach it. Also what makes Alberta's program unique? Why have you applied there (Apart from convenience of location) Andddd... which location have you applied to and why? I look forward to hearing from and engaging with all of you <3 Thanks
  9. I got an email from them mid-march. You should probably ask them
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