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  1. Canadian schools won't accept the American DAT! If I write the American test, it would only be for US Schools, which is why I've been asking people for advice regarding my scores to see whether it's truly worth it
  2. Hello again everybody! I think after looking at the stats for U of T and Western interviews for this cycle, I've decided to give the November 2019 Canadian DAT a go! What everyone's been saying about the US tuition for Canadian applicants is true, and it makes me want to try even harder to get into a Canadian school. Does anyone have any advice about whether they might think there's a chance that my scores could go even lower and that they really don't recommend I try it again? The November 2018 curve has scarred me haha! I'm thinking to just apply this summer with my Nov 2018
  3. Thank you! I definitely do understand the GPA issue Good to hear about the possibilities of US! Would you suggest against rewriting the DAT then? American and Canadian? I would like to improve my PAT score for schools like U of T, but I don't want to risk having my AA go down as it seems like it's at a good position in US and Canada.
  4. Thanks everyone for the responses! I definitely know that U of T is one of the harder ones to get into due to my GPA. The thing is, the GPA that dental schools will see still includes the current semester I'm in! So excluding this current semester which I don't have marks for yet and dropping my worst year and summer courses, my GPA is around 3.87.
  5. Hey everyone! I wrote the Canadian DAT in Nov 2018 and was wondering if I could get any feedback from you all on my scores! I'm looking to apply in 2019 for both Canadian AND U.S schools and am currently debating whether I should try attempting the American DAT this summer, or even do the Canadian DAT once again in November... My scores were: 21AA 23 GC 18 BIO 21 RC 18 PAT My cumulative undergrad GPA (including summer school, but not this semester) is approximately a 3.79. If anyone had any advice or opinions regarding my DAT scores and whether they t
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