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  1. I'm also from Ontario, more specifically Toronto and I'll most likely be studying in the UofA OT program this fall too! Super stressed about housing and how to determine the best place to stay even though I'm not in Edmonton right now. Is there an OT 2019 cohort group on facebook? I feel like that'd be super beneficial, especially if we could get some upper years to answer our questions or give advice on how to transition into grad school!!
  2. Hey, I got an email this morning for an interview invite! So I'm assuming they'll send them today and into next week, since the deadline to accept the interview is March 22nd! I'm also an out of province applicant and finishing my 5th year of university this semester (undergrad). G'luck to you all!!!!
  3. Anyone get anything yet? Do you know if they update your status to "Rejected" if you don't get an interview? Just really nervous here. Also any out of the province applicants?
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