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  1. i believe so!! mine still says "Requested" at the moment (i only sent the request a few days ago), but the transcript i initially sent while applying (in September/October) said "Received" after a couple of days, so i'd imagine that your final official transcript will change to "Received" once it's finished processing and sent!
  2. received an offer at 9:26 am!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh i'm still shaking!!!!!! :') super excited to meet you all and wishing everyone still waiting all the best with waitlist movement!! <3
  3. omg i’ve been wondering why bin 1 seemed so big and why there were so many higher gpas this year relative to last year (even when keeping more reporting in mind) and this theory makes a lot of sense imo!!! :0
  4. i think it could definitely at least partly be due to the forum/this thread being more popular, since the timestamp theory gained a lot more credibility last year with all of the tracking + excel documentation :^) i'm not sure about the latter (although i have been wondering about it too tbh), but regardless i'm crossing my fingers that we get lots and lots of waitlist movement this cycle!!!
  5. hi!! :^) adding my data here as well Time Stamp: 9:05:26 am (created time) Result: good waitlist cGPA: 3.95 Stream: english Year: completed undergrad Thoughts: loooool i tried but i'm not a great interviewer and left it feeling absolutely terrible :/ congratulations to everyone that got admitted and best of luck to my fellow waitlisters!!!
  6. only waiting on uottawa, and nothing for me on omsas :') WISHING EVERYONE THE BEST, I HOPE YOU ALL GET THE GOOD NEWS THAT YOU'VE BEEN HOPING FOR <3 <3 <3
  7. hey!! i've been a crisis responder with kids help phone's crisis text line for two years now and i really love and recommend it if you'd like to do more online extracurriculars :^) all of the training and volunteering is completely remote and you can take shifts on literally any time you want!! you can find the call for volunteers here, they don't seem to be accepting/training all new applicants at the moment though but it wouldn't hurt to try submitting a form if you're interested!! i believe that there are also other similar text/help lines that take volunteers in canada so you can alwa
  8. no problem at all!! all the best for your applications!! <3
  9. yes there are definitely quite a few students from toronto (and the surrounding areas), just like the user above me said!! also from personal experience (as i mentioned before i'm not in the ottawa med class or anything though), when i interviewed there last year, there were a bunch of students from the greater toronto area, and i myself am from the gta as well (and did not have my mcat written last year)!!
  10. hey!! i'm not accepted or anything but for uottawa they don't look at the mcat at ALL, so it has absolutely no bearing on your application whether you wrote the mcat or not at the time of application (or for whatever score you might have got on it as well)!! so not having written the mcat doesn't put you at any sort of disadvantage as an applicant
  11. i think you definitely have a chance!!! i got an R as well but my email included no mention of being on a waitlist. best of luck, i hope you're able to interview!!!
  12. ah yeah sorry about that -- i guess you just have to give it your best guess since they can't completely confirm on their side whether the courses would be sufficient or not :/ i hope whatever you take works out and wishing you all the best for any future applications!!!
  13. got the R earlier today as well!! my wGPA is around a 3.78 or 3.79 i think and i only have my undergrad complete so this wasn't a surprise at all hehe ECs are average imo and i have nooo idea about how my essays were best of luck to everyone else still waiting to hear back!!!
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