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  1. As @Mitochondrie2 stated, you are extremely likely to pass the the pre-med year. Over the course of la premed, u take really medically-relevant courses in block fashion which are intense but manageable. The class average on most exams is around 80-85%. Best of luck with your applications! Feel free to PM if you have questions
  2. Can you link to where you’re getting these stats from?
  3. J'ai eu mon offre d'admission aussi. Comme toi, mon dossier "Médecine (Année préparatoire)" est aussi quand même bleu (à l'étude).
  4. This might explain: They only invited 218 QC University applicants to interviews this year compared to 299 in 2018. My guess is that they did the same for Med-P this year (inviting much fewer to interviews). We will find out when the statistics for med-p are put up on this site. I’d estimate they only invited about 200 applicants for med-p interviews (assuming same proportion of fewer invites) as opposed to 273 in 2018.
  5. Hi everyone, I will be interviewing at a few med schools (MMI format) and I'm worried about what to say if they ask for my stance on abortion. I know that I should discuss how it's a very difficult issue, that there are differing perspectives, their arguments, why each side has its strengths, other complexities (such as rape cases), etc. On one hand, I feel like a woman should have a right to choose what happens with her body and that some people wouldn't even consider fetus' actual living humans or "persons". But on the other hand, it is undeniable that an even an embryo resulting from
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