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  1. Damn that's unfortunate for the people for whom it does show up... Also, sorry for the neuroticism (ahah), but are you sure that they didn't remove that year but your gpa was still find w/o that academic year?
  2. How do they know it's online? It doesn't say anything on my transcripts. Furthermore, one course I took was online for my semester however it is offered in class for the 2nd semester. Both have the same course code ..... How can they discern the difference?
  3. Anyone know: 1) Whether it hurts if you took a few 2nd year courses in 3rd/4th (but majority were still upper years) 2) If you are given some points for being in the middle of your Masters Would appreciate some feedback
  4. @Elgar I see you go to McGill - Congrats , I was wondering how you know it's taken into consideration. Did you ask the faculty? Also thanks a lot for your response @Bambi
  5. Hello, I have a 3.8 GPA on the dot and I am currently doing a MSc. degree. I am applying as IP - QC university. Based on the 3.88-3.9 GPA for 2018, how good/bad are my chances? Does the Msc. degree (which I am in the process of doing, contribute to my academic context? and does a strong upward GPA trend also contribute?) Would really appreciate it if someone with similar stats could share their experiences applying last cycle. Thanks a lot! For reference, I've copied my ECs from another post: Lots of volunteering at a hospital in patient care (300+ hours) 1 publications w
  6. @waifu4laifu I can understand the frustration, but once again, I rewrote it and made it clear in an earlier response. The only major lie would be the "first-time applicant" part. Given I am starting a new thread I wanted to add an extra layer of anonymity since more people will probably read this. I just started using this a few weeks back and I didn't know my old posts are traceable. I'm actually really baffled how you guys have the time to waste by investigating my profile and pulling up rosters, yet most people just drop a 1 sentence feedback and move on with their lives. If this detective
  7. @YesIcan55 LOL well I never said that's accurate either It might just be a different sport at a different school but at that level of competition. I told you, don't worry about the details. It's subtle and gives me the peace of mind that I am 100% anonymous. I don't get why people can't just answer the simple question, saves us all a lot of time. P.S. I am paranoid about these things, it's my first time on these kinds of forums.
  8. @YesIcan55 I don't think you or @jp123 understand, I rewrote the MCAT. I am asking for feedback with my CURRENT stats. My old score was 510 which I should've mentioned on the other post, but I accidentally included the new score instead (but who cares, it's UofT). If you want to waste your time implying that I am insecure and running a full background check of my 3-day old profile, be my guest. Also, my gf is right next to me laughing at your previous posts where you're convinced London Ontario is full of white supremacists
  9. @xiphoid Yeah, that's why I didn't really apply to many schools. But I was hoping Toronto would work since my wGPA was pretty high. @jp123 I'm just trying to be elusive. The subtle differences shouldn't change anyone's opinion. Even my girlfriend doesn't get this salty, relax
  10. @billy55555 y1 = 3.6, y2 = 3.6, y3/4 = 4. All 4 years had a full course load. Yeah, my essays might have been the problem. Also also, I applied this cycle with a 510 (128/125/128/129), so maybe that hurt my chances? I rewrote it in Jan and received a better score (129/128/130/129). Hopefully, that makes a difference with my next app cycle.
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