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  1. Hi there, So I'm applying to undergrad programs in Canada with the intention of studying medicine in the future. I live in Jordan and I'm a Cambridge curriculum student, The thing I need help with is my choice for "pre-med". I've received offers from Western University(BMSc and BHSc) and the University of Alberta(Biochemistry) and I've also applied to Queen's University(Life Sciences), the University of Toronto(Life Sciences) and McMaster BHSc program. I have really good chances at U of T and Queen's but McMaster's program is really really selective from what I've heard and I don't think
  2. So recently I applied to the BHSc program to Western. I wasn't really giving Western any thought when I was applying to it as I was mainly gunning for McMaster and U of T. But fortunately, I received an offer from Western. It was my first offer so I decided to look into Western and it's "pre med" program. After a bit of research, I learnt that it's quite reputable and I'm giving the offer some serious thought. But I've noticed that BMSc is the mainstream pre med program and not BHSc. Will this choice decrease my chances of getting into med school? And is it ok to add a second program and will
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