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  1. I had some tough courses in undergrad, and unfortunately came out with some less than stellar grades. It was good enough to get into med school, and I thought those were behind me. I recently learned, though, that several programs in neurology actually request undergraduate transcripts (seems ridiculous to me, but those are the rules). If I apply to a program that requires it, will they potentially share my transcript with other programs at that school (e.g., internal med)? Second but related question: if I apply to residency at the institution where I did my undergrad, will they have acc
  2. Thanks for the reply; it's too bad the Canadian match happens before, because yes, I would only be applying for very desirable US programs that I would likely take over programs in Canada, but those are at the same time very difficult to get into so it would obviously be very unwise to withdraw from the Canadian match for that "longshot" chance. Combined with the fact that my specialty of choice is uncompetitive enough that I'm pretty confident I would get one of my top 4 choices in Canada, so I probably would never even see the results of the US match. The only way I could see it being w
  3. Hey guys, I'm still in preclerkship but am interested in a couple of specialties that are not that competitive but not completely uncompetitive (roughly halfway down the list in terms of supply versus demand in Canada). The thing is, I'm really set on living in a big city, so that narrows things down to 3-4 programs in Canada. I'm wondering if it would be worth it to write the USMLE to apply to American schools for residency, but I would only be doing it to potentially train in "desirable" cities (i.e., New York, Boston, places in California, etc.). This would probably only amount to approx. 1
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