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  1. i'm most likely passing my nclex-rn on the first try coming up shortly.... and i have an RPN job currently --> to transition into an RN position isn't a very stressful concern for me. RPN or RN money will be sustainable; obviously more so a full-time RN hospital position. in regards to the second degree (Mac or Athabasca), for my situation, any comment on the likeliness that I can apply to schools as a second-degree applicant and only have to do the first 2 or 3 years, instead of a full 4 year?
  2. At McMaster, apparently you can't apply to the second-degree option for those two programs (health sci, biomedical science) as per the guideline below: Second Degree Applicants Admission is by selection. If you have a first non-Honours degree, you may apply to take an Honours second degree in the same subject area or a second degree in another discipline. Please note the following exceptions for second degree consideration at McMaster: B.Arts Sc (Arts and Science), B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce), B.Com. (Honours), B.Com. (Honours) Integrated Business and Humanities, B.H.Sc. (Bachelor
  3. ^ so I'm contemplating the second undergrad degree as mentioned. I know there are tons of resources/ pages on the forum about pursuing a second degree particularly for increasing the GPA. however, do you or any other posters have any comment on a smart bet regarding the program to apply to based on my situation? .. or just something particularly 'easy' then just get all my science/'pre-req' courses completed and ensuring I carry a full course load. (*moving forwards with a second ug with a competitive GPA.. if i am to apply to US/Canada schools after, I understand I'll have to know how each
  4. thank you guys for your replies regarding the carib route. particularly to @canadianguy7 .. I'm halfway through reading https://milliondollarmistake.wordpress.com/ and now I comprehend why I need to change my plans. does anyone have any comment on BS to MD programs? ... I've acknowledged NP and a few other healthcare professions. i'm sure readers above have recognized my stubbornness; however, i'm trying to convey that I feel adamant about pursuing medicine ( MD ). ^I'm from Ontario, Canada. does anyone have any insight or comment regarding admissions for Canadian's into those BS t
  5. @freewheeler @YesIcan55 thank you both for your replies (i'm a noob on this site.. not sure if i'm supposed to just reply or tag you each time). I can obviously see how insane of a process it can be to get accepted. To say on this post that I will buckle down, get myself extremely in order in whatever plan I decide to do and start pulling A's doesn't do me or the readers justice, because only I know I can improve my situation for the future. regarding not doing a second UG - i am not keen currently on doing a second undergrad because of my age, and the time to complete it. therefore,
  6. @freewheeler I do not want to pursue anything at all related to nursing anymore. Basically, mindset-wise, I feel MD or nothing at this point so I'll do whatever I have to do to get into a med school. Regarding your comment on increasing my GPA... excluding doing a second undergrad option, do you have any comment on creating a "DIY post bacc" through the university I went to and taking a full course load as a continuing student to increase my GPA? / regarding applying to other post bacc programs - my search in Canada was inconclusive and for the USA, I need to do more research (not
  7. hi, basically, i'm here to ask for advice on route options for getting into a medical school, based on my current situation School: first did practical nursing at an Ontario college (currently an RPN) and just graduated from an Ontario university with a bachelor of science in nursing (BScN) (nclex-rn to be taken shortly) - university gpa: 2.3 - mcat: haven’t taken it yet and no prep started yet - medically related experience: nursing school clinicals/ working as an RPN - extracurriculars: barely any volunteer experience (at least not recently), didn’t join any clubs in
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