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  1. I was actually looking into some info regarding specialization, more specifically in Paediatrics. I found that Dalhousie has a paediatric general practice residency which is an addition year after graduation. But nothing about how many spots, how competitive is it .....etc I would really like some addition info about this as well. I am starting dentistry this fall at dal and would like to start preping in advance.
  2. The first time i applied i had a 23/25 for MCAT and GPA, second time i applied i got a 21 (with the same GPA and MCAT). so i dont think its just linear, it must to be normalized and compared to your pool.
  3. Result: accepted IP (Atlantic Provinces)/OOP/International: IP wGPA (Last 60 cr): 4.15 (I THINK) Prereq GPA (Higher sciences): 4.2 (i think) DAT (Bio/Chem/PAT/RC/MDT): 20/19/19/20/14 (lol) Interview: I was not prepared for the change in format but it wasn't too bad the interviewers were really nice. Comments: I know it will be different to have online courses and simulated labs and not being able to attend class with other people but i cant wait to meet everyone virtually and whenever things go back to normal!
  4. I just wonder if anyone in the Late 60’s range got in before or where we are on the list now ? Did everyone with a 70-71 score on the WL get in ? Having no visibility is so hard
  5. whats weird is that i have seen people post that they are declining their seats at Dal :/. Maybe the list is moving for people that are not on the forum lol I lost hope already...
  6. so maybe they do both? Send an email and a physical copy. Anyone have any idea on when the decisions will be out ? Did anyone try to contact Jo-Anne or the admissions office?
  7. This is what my friend sent me last year. She got this email after she emailed Joanne about the decision.
  8. Last year people told me they received their letter through mail and if they email the admissions office they received it via email but generic without your name and they tell you that the letter you receive through the mail will be specifically addressed to you. I think this only applies to In province applicants, i doubt they would mail letters to OOP of international applicants,
  9. they usually send it via mail not email. I don't know if that is still the case this year with COVID and delivery is delayed pretty much everywhere.
  10. Just want to note that there are a maximum of 120 seats but they usually accept less than 120. Last year for example they accepted 116. one of the first year courses already has 109 seats registered in that course. if they also accept 116 this year (just an guess), that means only 6 spots are available (for that specific course). I don't know if my guess is accurate so don't quote me on it
  11. Based on google (LOL) the z score is calculated using your raw score, minus the average score and divided by the standard deviation. Based on this equation the higher your raw score, the higher your Z score is. I am no mathematician but that's what i gathered off of google.
  12. I know during my interview they interviewers told me that we should hear back in June. But beginning, mid, of end of June , that i don't know :/
  13. Do you mind sharing your score when you were waitlisted ?
  14. I tried doing that earlier and it didnt work.
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