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  1. I don't believe they add anything to your grades. It says on their website that they don't consider grades from any graduate programs. However, they give "bonus points" to those applying with a masters. My thought is that they rank each applicant on some kind of points scale and graduate students are given extra points which provides some advantage. How much of an advantage? We will never know.
  2. The whole day was great! Having the first year students around all day was helpful and speaking to the students before the interview helped calm my nerves. I enjoyed the tour a lot as well as the information session + Q&A panel. Also, I'm curious what the ID photo we submitted when we arrived is used for, If you're allowed to disclose that at all.
  3. I received my email just after 9am EST. Edit: Don't forget to check junk mail folders etc. if you haven't already!
  4. Invited! IP GPA: 89% DAT AA/RC/PAT : 21/24/20 ABS/PS: Work, long-term and short term volunteering, research, no shadowing (at the time of application)
  5. Their website says approximately one month prior to the interview dates (April 6th and 7th). I would expect interview invites to be out around the first week of March!
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