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  1. Two MS2s consult with a MS1 on finding classroms on Day 1:
  2. Your transcript (functionally speaking) is your MSPR. I don't know for sure, all I have is the same links. There might be some confusion here because undergrad courses offered through the faculty do note supplemental exams but on the page noting this there is a statement that this doesn't apply to the MD program which follows a different set of rules.
  3. First rewrite doesn't go on the MSPR, so study hard and pass and the only lasting impact will be some stress and lost time. No idea on the format. Judging by the preclerkship grade curves failures are rare (not to minimize anyone who had it happen to them) and the impression we were given is the school doesn't view a failure as a "you" problem but as a "what affected you that will be different next time" issue since getting in means they're confident you're academically strong enough. The actual policy appears to be the same for clerkship/preclerkship: https://med.uottawa.ca/undergr
  4. EDIT. Moved to uOttawa area since that's a more intuitive area for my answer: https://forums.premed101.com/topic/114277-supplemental-exam-for-a-block/?tab=comments#comment-1246229
  5. This. The rise in unmatched is being driven by a combo of hypercompetitive disciplines and people falling through the cracks. I came across this paper and thought it was very illuminating in showing this (only up until 2019 so not really affected by the cap unfortunately): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7378143/?fbclid=IwAR3QX3FY4kEw87eV3Xi9FHW4Ur0_zp3Zt-B7QTj095-RKuZeFtejBqVVPQU ^Check out that figure. The unmatched rate is still, regrettably, not 0%, but CMGs in Cluster A or B disciplines don't have the same worries as those in Cluster C (although I wonder if the
  6. That makes sense since there is no solution. 1. Emphasize GPA - we already know high SES upbringing tends to correlate with higher grades. 2. Emphasize MCAT - Same relationship with GPA (although I vaguely recall seeing some article say that admission tests are actually the best way to sort since they're less vulnerable to "knowing the system" like grades are and this makes sense. If someone has high grades they could have been in an easy program, someone with a high MCAT took a universally standardized test). 3. Emphasize ECs. Does anyone not think that if medical schools ma
  7. It's gotta be grey so we can complete the traffic light:
  8. I realize no one asked for it but based off the thread title, uOttawa MD2025s will start with the introduction unit on August 30th according to the latest calendar. There will likely be some things the week before as well, whatever it says in the letter.
  9. The AFMC tracks everyone, it's the only way to release the CMES report (which includes stats like "Average # applications per applicant" that can't be collected otherwise. Not a perfect system as far as data collection and the descriptive survey go (I received the applicant survey twice...) but they can easily track the basics using data schools provide. There are many ways to easily match large datasets quickly and with all the info people input into the same portals over and over again it's quite easy to match people. People usually only have one main mailing address, one name, will use the
  10. You can complete missing prerequisites during the application year but NOT during the summer between a theoretical offer and starting. It's clearly written on their website. https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/eligibility-criteria
  11. For my biology prereqs I used 2 senior classes that were not coded as biology classes on my transcript and were definitely not general biology. One was essentially a policy/theoretical class and the course title made that clear. It worked for me so n=1, double check if you're still worried.
  12. You're being rejected by automatic cutoffs. E.g. UBC's 85% OOP. Your GPA is below screening cutoffs at Ottawa, most likely below UofT's cutoffs, and while it's a bit fuzzier in the grad stream Queen's cutoffs seem to be around a 3.8 (moving up and down year to year). Your 3.6/127 is going to require top 20th percentile CASPer results for Mac which is not easy. Practically speaking if you want to improve your odds you need to churn out more high GPA years to open up Western, Queens, improve your cGPA for Mac, and maybe Ottawa with enough time. Your ECs do not matter to these schools until
  13. The AFMC "Guide to MEdical Schools" includes waitlist movement and seat offers, a few years behind admittedly: https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2021_admission-requirements_EN.pdf I'm not sure why it says 156 for the one year (maybe a 165 typo), it's definitely in the 160s for 2019-2020, but the multiplicity of streams will complicate the waitlist picture. There are dozens of posts in this subforum going through the waitlist behaviour in the past and excellent data (if I do say so myself) from last year. Suffice to say, the waitlist (especially English stream) does move a fair
  14. The website says "Feb-March" which I would say is accurate in my experience, I would say mid Feb-Mid March is probably accurate since the COVID interview cancellations last year that started in the middle of March didn't seem to affect Ottawa but I was in February so I wouldn't know for sure. Your description matches their own description of "We have a semi-structured panel interview. The panel includes a Physician, a member of the Community (who can also be a Physician) and a fourth year medical student." Anything beyond that is stepping into NDA territory. You should get an infor
  15. Theoretically the only way to validate it is to look for low stat invites (CARS AND GPA) and assume they aced CASPer. Any other way (e.g. 132/4.0 rejected) has the flaw that someone could have red flagged CASPer and been eliminated that way. There's also going to be some availability bias in that seeing someone with high stats rejected is more of a shock. I just skimmed invite stats quickly but seeing someone with near perfect stats and a bottom 20% at Manitoba CASPer (different pools admittedly) get invited would seem to validate the floor of the model. But who knows, COVID could well p
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