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  1. I made this mistake before, still got very far in the application cycle, don't worry about it.
  2. Congratulations everyone who submitted an application today. We did it! I know this process is long and arduous, but take some time for yourself to relax. If you find errors in your application, it is okay. The admission committee will still evaluate your application fully and assign you the score you deserve. I've gotten interviews with several errors in my application so know that it does not limit you.
  3. If your old employer still exists perhaps they have an HR department. I used to work for a chain and turns out they actually only provide this sort of this through the central HR department. They verify your employment and thats it.
  4. As stated in previous blog posts the verifiers are not out to find ways to dock you points on things. The most important thing is that you spread the goods, have your entries reflect who you are and prioritize your longest commitments. If that eliminates your hobbies then so be it. They aren't there to assume things about you and will not assume you have zero hobbies.
  5. I was curious of peoples thoughts on how to structure the descriptions of these sections. The employment section is clear, list your job duties and responsibilities. Whereas the NAA section is a little more expansive; roles, responsibilities, scope, people involved, etc. Are people writing these sections differently? Should the employment section be bare bones and just illustrate what you do at work and what you're responsible for? Let me know your thoughts.
  6. Further, if you make it to the interview they will assess your grades and put value for overall trends of improvement over time.
  7. Honestly, you've got yourself in quite the pickle. UBC has to stick to it's policy so they may not budge. They would hope you had the foresight to sort this out. I'd say call services Canada and explain the situation and literally beg them to somehow expedite your card or perhaps they can send you pictures or a scan of the card its self. Otherwise, if you meet the GPA requirements you can still apply as out of province.
  8. How does everyone present their NAQs. Do you adamantly list everything in past tense or do you have current, continuing entries described in present tense, ie: your current job or ongoing volunteer work.
  9. As long as you meet the requirements to apply as listed on the website you will receive a partial file review. If the score you receive based solely on your GPA and NAQ exceeds the interview cutoff, you will receive a full file review. That does not occur till interview offers have been sent out. So no, you are not currently receiving a full file review.
  10. Neurophiliac is right, MCATs usually open up around the deadlines to change (gold, silver, bronze). I would say you should start preparing for a rewrite just in case, at least start cramming for CARS since that section takes the longest to prepare for. If you would like some advice on CARS pm me.
  11. I am purchasing the Uworld 3 month subscription. I will be using it for the month of March and writing April 6th. The subscription will be good till the beginning of June. PM me if you're interested in saving some money on one of the best resources next to the AAMC material!
  12. I guess I'm just curious how worthwhile you think it is to rewrite in the hopes of improving my score to a 514+
  13. You're right, my main focus is UBC as I am an in province applicant (I haven't even thought about other schools). I am okay with the time commitment as its only another month and I am feeling confident in my abilities/ not too stressed out. My parents are able to help me with finances. Again its only the blasted CARS section that has me feeling low and the feeling that I could have done better with more sleep/less stress. I am prepared to study some more and do heavy review focusing on those sections. I've already done all AAMC practice tests so I'm going to use them more as mock section banks
  14. Hey everyone. I've been hunting for some advice on retaking the MCAT. I just wrote the test and scored a 511 // 128/126/131/126 // During my practice tests I was scoring a 514. Both CARS and PS have continually been my lowest section but I feel I can improve on my score for this cycle. I barely got any sleep and was super stressed out due to a long distance relationship. My oGPA is 85%, I am an older applicant (27) with lots of work experience, I've been volunteering at an addictions centre and a retirement home for 2+ years, with various other volunteer commitments. I am thi
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