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  1. Accepted! Average: 90% AA/PAT/RC: 21/20/19 EC: Volunteering, shadowing, research Interview: Felt okay, interviewers were very nice but I overanalyzed it soo much after lol IP Super excited to meet everyone!
  2. Thank you both for the replies - It's good to know that having a car would be useful, and the areas that people tend to live in / stuff to do in the city! I used to live in Manitoba but barely remember the cold so I will have to build up my cold tolerance again bc I live in Southern Ontario now haha I may reach out again once I start looking for a place to stay! Thank you again for all of your help!
  3. I’m from Ontario - so I’m imagining Saskatoon will be quite different! How is living in Saskatoon? Do students generally live together in shared housing or alone? Do you need a car to get around the city or is public transportation generally good? And what is the atmosphere of the city like - are people generally nice?
  4. Hello, I was hoping to hear about some experiences with UofS's program. I haven't been able to find too much info on it. What are the best and worst parts of their dental school/curriculum? I'm particularly interested in clinical exposure, opportunities after dentistry, and workload. - I'm currently trying to decide between UofS and the Buffalo School of Dentistry (and hoping to hear back from Western soon). I'm leaning heavily towards staying in Canada (bc of the cost of US schools) but want to make the most informed decision. Any insight is helpful!
  5. I'm looking for people to prep with in Hamilton, or over Skype! Please let me know if anyone is interested!
  6. It was a serious question. Some schools do help out a bit - but those that I know of are US schools so I was just wondering.
  7. Hey, do you guys know if the school reimburses travel fares (such as airfare) to get to the interview?
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