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  1. I believe the main reason CARS is being emphasized in Canada is a simple issue of demand and supply. There are too many premeds and the mast majority of them probably had a science related major. So the easiest way to cut the numbers down would be using a higher CARS cutoff. Plus it’s also the one section that’s hardest to improve on, so it helps keep the numbers low, as schools simply don’t have the resources to evaluate 5000+ applications. It’s too bad. I also immigrated to this country as an adult, I was able to score well on the other 3 sections but 124 CARS. I certainly do
  2. Solid chance if you can get a NAQ score in the 75-100 percentile range.
  3. From what I have seen on here over the years, a MCAT<510 can put you at a disadvantage.
  4. Hi, I am looking for advice from current students. Do you regret having/not having a roommate during med school? If you have one, is your roommate also a medical student? What are the pros and cons? thanks
  5. I hope it wouldn’t count against me if they find out I didn’t do anything too impressive since the EC cutoff.
  6. For those interviewed, are you going to apply for the Doctors of BC Presidential Scholars Award?
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