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  1. Is it really true that med schools don’t care about where you went for undergrad? I’m looking to go back to school and do a second undergrad. From the information shared here, it appears medical schools treat GPA as a number. If that is true, I will be picking the easiest major from an easier school to hopefully get a 4.0. Personally speaking, it is a a huge commitment for me to do a second degree, so I wanna really make sure that I’m not wasting my time or money. Would schools look down upon this if I end up doing a second bachelors from a school much less rigorous than the first? Please he
  2. You are right. That is how you would calculate your OMSAS GPA for Ontario schools. UBC however uses a percentage scale out of 100. I believe if your school gives out A+, you would use table 1 to convert your GPA into UBC percentage. ref:
  3. Agreed! But still funny to think that the OOP average this year was higher than the max grade some students can theoretically get.
  4. does anyone know how many schools in Canada do not give A+? Do you think these students are put at a disadvantage by the conversation table? curious to hear what people think.
  5. Yes. Source: https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2014/10/29/october-update-verifiers-and-more/ I believe email is preferred, unless the verifier doesn't response, and/or if UBC needs additional clarification.
  6. Hi all, The AAMC just announced that all exams for 2020 will be shortened to 5h45m. There will be a total of 76 minutes for 48 questions in each of the 4 sections. They removed some "field test questions" but there will be less time per question, especially for CARS. Thoughts?
  7. Only if you did not do your course based masters on a full time basis, otherwise I don't see why not.
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