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  1. Time Stamp: 7h11 am Result: accepted GPA: 3.94 Stream: CNFS Year: 5th (did extra physics and Maths for QC medschools) Interview Thoughts: ok. I thought it went ok right after it. Then I started to doubt myself so so much omg. I was thinking about my answers and what was wrong ...to the point where I didn't even remember if it was terrible or not. GUYS this is my 3rd time applying to Ottawa U. Got rejected pre interview in 2019&2020. IF YOU REALLY WANT THIS, ITS POSSIBLE. I was literally crushed and so so sad after my rejections, but in the end it mad
  2. Hi guys! I didnt get an interview this year but my stats are pretty good (9.4 and a lot of clubs/volonteering/research hours).I'm wondering how common is it to get an interview if you are on the waitlist ? The last Day of interview is the 8th of march.Im in 3rd year and i want to drop biochem to take chem gen 2 instead.However if they call me and i get an interview ....i would not qualify anymore because biochem is one of my prerequisites .
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