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  1. I'm not sure about it being the last round... hopefully not as I'm sure there's lots of hopeful applicants out there still... and likely they would notify those on the waitlist? I received my acceptance yesterday and was given until July 15 to accept. Good luck to all those still waiting to hear - and I look forward to meeting those in the incoming class!
  2. I think they auto-register everyone - but was just curious if they were at that point yet so we could gauge how many seats are still open Impatience is getting the best of me...
  3. Of those who have accepted their offer - how many seats do the classes say have in them? Just curious what percentage has been offered at this point.
  4. Hello - don't worry too much about the questions. I stressed for a couple weeks, prepared all sorts of questions. The questions were definitely easier than I anticipated. Of course we can't share what they actually were, but if you know yourself you will do absolutely fine. Just try to come at it when you're rested, you're in a generally good mood - you will have nerves regardless. Remember to breathe and you'll do just fine!!! Good luck!!!
  5. Does anyone know if anyone has gotten in with advanced degrees (MSc/PhD) etc... and how they view/evaluate graduate degree work? I'm fairly positive it doesn't factor into GPA at all (due to full course loads etc), but if anyone has any info that would be great!
  6. Right! That absolutely makes sense! I'm applying after having completed a degree, so I clearly forgot the minimum requirement! Good luck to all!
  7. @TiramisuGirl How come they would wait for after the interview to evaluate the student file? I would think it would make more sense to rank according to LOI/GPA etc, then the interview is the last piece?
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