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  1. Pretty sure it’s still 110! Individual class sizes may fluctuate year by year depending if some students are repeating a year (medical leaves of absence, mat leave, etc.). So the number of students accepted each year does not change, but if one person went on leave or repeated a year they may have 111, and the year above 109, for instance.
  2. Something tells me it’s not a matter of literally sending an e-mail hahah they’re probably still ranking and formulating wait lists and sorting acceptances! as much as we’d all love to complain about everyone and everything standing in the way of acceptance day let’s be thankful if he opportunity to apply and be patient! I’m sure they’re not waiting to send them just to give us a hard time XD
  3. I feel like if they were able to tell you exactly when they would be released, they would have. Any info is good, let’s be appreciative of these heads up!
  4. This thread is so intense (or maybe I’m just not one the ball??) but imma just sit back, sip margaritas and Xanax and wait for 2 weeks and try not to cry I think premed101 is bad for my anxiety lol (and the soul)
  5. Are we expecting admissions to give different answers to different people? I would just call them if you’re curious!
  6. Each school does this a bit differently I s’pose. Not wildly different from other schools in Canada, although it’d be nice to have a date for sure! Nice to know as early as March but it’s never easy waiting
  7. Well yeah it’s Medical School hahahah the whole process takes almost a year that’s certainly not unique to Dal.
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