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  1. Hi, Just a quick question. How possible is it for one to match for a residency program outside of the city that they are doing medical school in? For instance, if someone is at Mac, and wants to match to Ottawa following medical school, how likely is that to happen? Is it harder to do so than matching in the same city as your medical school? Thanks!
  2. So is it looking more likely that they sent out all offers on the first day since no one heard back since? And if that is the case, can we expect anymore offers or it is pretty much a wrap?
  3. Congratulations to everyone! Such an amazing accomplishment. Do you folks think that they sent out all the offers today for the empty positions, or do you think there will be more tomorrow?
  4. Hello! I'm wondering how your experience at uOttawa Med has been? Have you enjoyed the program? Other students? How is the student life? And finally, if you live outside of Ottawa, how easy is it to get home/do you have to stay in the summers? Thank you so much!
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