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  1. To clarify, there are 2 evaluators per question, but *10 TOTAL* different evaluators per applicant (each evaluator is assigned a single question to score, so absolutely no worries on using similar examples/stories for more than one of the prompts). Hope this clear that up!
  2. They had 2 separate evaluators look at each of the 5 questions, so technically we’re getting 10 marks vs. 12, plus as mentioned by @sr9 above, they had more applicants than ever before this year so we shall see! If you get accepted than you won’t get your score breakdown (but at that point I’m not sure many of us would even care anymore), but if you get rejected/waitlisted, they’ll give you a breakdown of your academic score /25, your Essay/supplemental score /35, and your interview score /40. I can’t say for sure if the mention anything about discretionary points, but as @abcd1288 men
  3. 3rd time applicant here. I would really like to urge everybody to put zero emphasis on whether or not your verifiers are being contacted. I’ve been waitlisted twice, but have had friends be both accepted and rejected, and verifiers have been contacted in each instance. All this really tells us is that they are moving along with the process. Try and stay relaxed everyone, we’ve got another 3 months or so to go!
  4. 2 years ago my invite came on Thursday the 18th at ~3pm, and last year was Friday the 18th ~2pm (IP)
  5. Application was due September 3rd or so; the same week undergrad classes started. Anybody in 1st year pharmacy would’ve certainly been enrolled in classes & accepted long before then.
  6. Waitlist (PE) Score 70.93 3.8/511 Essay/Supp: 22.33 Interview: 27.60 Feeling good about the score, but more than anything relieved to finally hear back. Just hoping for some waitlist movement now!
  7. Hey guys! I work at Dal in & around the Tupper Building, and it looks as though the University is on its' way to shutting down (which makes sense why the decision letters will not be coming out until April). I will be sure to post here once the schol opens back up to faculty & staff, as hopefully that will be an indication on decision letter release! Wishing everyone the best of luck. Stay safe and stay healthy
  8. Last year the decision letters came around 1:30, but that was a pretty big outlier. In the past the letters typically come out before noon, so I've given up for today to save myself the stress!
  9. As a Dal employee who works in & around the Tupper Building, as of right now "all staff are expected to continue to report for work" (unless experiencing symptoms). So as of this moment, any members of the admissions committee would still be expected to be present for any meetings they may have. If Dal does end up closing (including all research, teaching, and administrative staff), then that's when the delays would occur. This is just my opinion, of course, knowing what I know
  10. In terms of the MCAT scoring, I know that the breakdown is similar to that of the GPA, where a certain range of MCAT scores equates to a score out of 10 (ie. a 507-512 = 8/10, hypothetically). As such, a 493 would allow you to apply, but you would probably end up with a fairly low score/10. In terms of what to do for studying/focusing on the MCAT this summer, it all depends on you, how familiar are you with the material on it, etc. I personally took 3 months to study for it while working part-time and did respectably. In terms of an honours degree, I don't believe having the honurs' d
  11. Both of those would round up! Their GPA entries are rounded to 1 decimal place across the board. In terms of the point allocation, unless they've changed it, it goes like this: 4.0 = 15/15 3.9 = 14/15 3.8 = 13/15 etc.... Hope this helped!
  12. I am an IP, but for last year's application cycle I had a 3.75 rounded up to a 3.8. However I am not entirely sure if the same would apply when it comes to application cut-offs.
  13. Aside from the early 2018 release date, the acceptance letters have typically come out during the Med1/2 March Break (this year it's the week of March 16-20). Talking to friends of mine currently in Med 1 & 2, they all seem to have the impression that that will be the case again this year. I know it's easier said than done, but I won't be overly stressing or obsessively refreshing my email until March 16. Would definitely urge everyone else to try and have the same mindset to save yourself from the unneeded stress.
  14. If it's the NS government funding the seats, than they will be for NS residents. There will be a preference for rural/African Nova Scotian/Indigenous applicants, but any remaining seats would be allocated to NS applicants.
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