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  1. sadly just depends on if anyone is selling soaps in your area, but i just searched "dat soaps" only 2 people showed up but better than nothing. i'm looking to apply next year
  2. ive heard that https://www.datsoapcarving.ca/soaps.php has better soaps then the cda but you can honestly look on kijiji because i bought like 8 soaps of someone for 20$ because they had gotten into dental school. You can buy the preparation kit without registering, I was in the same situation earlier. Goodluck with the soaps
  3. honestly ive heard destroyer is not a good representative for cDat, but crusher is probably your best bet because of it being mainly targeted toward cDAT
  4. https://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/professional/dentistry.html#academic -> they recently changed their application so they take mdt for the upcoming cyce
  5. Has anyone applied into UBC DMD from UofA? Do you know which courses count as equivalent? I'm doing classes that are similar, is that fine or do they have to be almost exactly the same? Also how do they convert 4.0 scale to percentage? I've seen loads of conversions but I'm not sure so if anyone can help that would be great. Thanks
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