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  1. High school is the best time to develop good habits and learn how to balance work/extracurriculars/play! What courses you do specifically in high school doesn't really matter. Pick the courses you want to study and enjoy. And pick up some extracurriculars or volunteering that you enjoy - not because it will look good to med schools but because it will be good for you, help you learn what you like and will help you get used to balancing your commitments
  2. don't worry about it - just try. worst case, you don't hear back and will know for next year. best case, you get a volunteer position! I'm sure there's still volunteer positions unfilled
  3. yes! panel is basically traditional interview questions, google "common med school panel/traditional questions" for example you'll find lots! the three most common basic ones are "tell us about yourself", "why medicine," "why our program/school"
  4. I think you have great stats for US DO schools and I think you should also consider MD! just make sure you have strong personal statements and secondaries as well and that you apply early
  5. it's very context specific for each scenario, but overall for rule breaking- think of it like this, they're asking you, as a doctor, would you break the rules? as a med school student, would you break policy? you have the explore all possibilities in the scenario and gather as much information as you can and use "if/then" approach. You should try to assist the customer as best you can by looking into all possible options.
  6. yes! practicing with a professional is actually such a good idea i highly recommend
  7. Best to have long term involvement and show progression one person mentioned being a member vs founder in prestige and which reflects better, and that's true! You want something that shows leadership and committment, but even if you started as a general member and moved your way to progressively more responsible roles that would be excellent too! Find causes you're passionate about and put in some good time and effort into them to grow
  8. I have my practice covered but thought I'd share here, we have been using this big set of questions to practice 100 Sample MMI Questions
  9. Truthfully I think you're in good shape! That is just one semester (and not even an awful semester), you have lots of time to continue improving so definitely keep working hard to bring your grades as high as you can. This page has good advice on how to work to bring your GPA up: How To Get Into Medical School With a Low GPA
  10. this was so nice to read, thank you for sharing LostLamb
  11. this blog post is good resource to start with, has a mix of the common residency interview questions and some weirder ones. like "when was the last time you got mad?" that one would so throw me off guard haha good luck on your interview(s)
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