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  1. ive been fascinated with medicine for years but for longer than wrote it off as something i wasn't good enough to pursue. ive only recently seriously re-considered the notion that i couldnt do it. also, i dont feel as strongly as i used to that i can fulfill my potential in journalism. i'd rather do something where i directly help people. and the long-term future of journalism as a viable career isnt clear.
  2. because im a journalist and considering the prospect of medical school, and curious if anyone else has done that
  3. I have - as the title suggests - an honours BA and MA in humanities. no science since grade 10. If I wanted to pursue nursing what should I expect? 4 years of nursing school? what are GPA requirements?
  4. understood. well, in my case then, if i took more undergrad science courses it would be to better prepare for the MCAT, though I'm aware there are other ways of doing that
  5. Your GPA was on the lower end but it made the difference in acceptance? What do you mean?
  6. Did going back for the science prereqs boost your gpa? And was that your intention (or one of them) for doing those prereqs?
  7. Good point on the lack of lab work if doing online courses. I work full-time so online courses could be more manageable with my schedule. At same time attending physical classes with other students has its positive aspects for learning (in my case.) I’ve done no science since grade 11 and would need some for MCAT and also could use GPA boost
  8. what about doing a year of science courses after finishing undergrad to boost GPA and get some science background to prep for MCAT? is a year of such courses enough for that? or is a whole second degree necessary?
  9. do med schools generally look only at undergrad cumulative GPA? or is the GPA of a masters included on top of that?
  10. right. as a journalist in the last 6 years ive already made very long distance moves for work, and most of my journalist friends are the same. if i was more willing to wait around until i found something where i had more friends and family i might not have made those moves. but the timing was right and id rather keep the momentum going
  11. how common are they? and how do they tend to fare in med school? im almost 40 and if i apply to and get accepted into med school i would imagine it would be no sooner than when im 42.
  12. Frenchpress, rmorelan, Butterfly_ thanks for all that info! it's helpful! alleviates *some* of my anxiety about the prospect. as it stands, it looks like taking about a year off from full-time employment to take some science courses and prepare for the MCAT might be wise. and that would be a feat in itself, as my literary mind might struggle with the hard sciences that i havent studied in more than 20 years!
  13. WinterCanon, well it sounds like doing what you did and taking some time off to do some undergrad science courses is the way to go. off the top of my head, i'm interested in mcmaster's med school (i also did undergrad there) and even though their prereqs dont seem heavy on sciences, like you said it would be best to broaden my options
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